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Arduino Ide for Atmel Studio 6.1 details

Arduino Ide for Atmel Studio 6.1

Visual Micro

News: Jan 2014 - Arduino 1.5.5-r2 or Arduino Yun User? Beta available from visualmicro.com! The Arduino IDE for Atmel Studio 6.1 is a free, simple and fully compatible alternative to the Arduino IDE. Installation takes 10 minutes. This solution is suitable for both experts and novices. This release supports multiple versions of Arduino within a single Atmel Studio instance. Arduino 1.0.5 and/or 1.5.3 are recommended but other versions are also supported. Free forum and wiki, win8 users need to enable .net3.5. Optional usb/serial debugger.

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Customer Reviews


by Gerrit Visser on 6/21/2013 | Version: 1305.8

An excellent tool. Atmel was wise to use the great Visual Studio framework. And kudos to Visual Micro for their significant additions with the debugger etc. Glad to be working with these great chips now, the Arduino IDE was rather limiting. The combination of Atmel Studio and Visual Micro is the next best thing to hardware debugging!


by Nuno Areias on 6/19/2013 | Version: 1305.8

great tool to use instead original IDE... this make our compiler more complete


by shiphrah on 6/7/2013 | Version: 1305.8

I really like the Arduino platform, but never liked the rather sparse IDE and missed a comfortable editor and some debugging support (polluting the code with Serial.println is no real option). I played around with hardware debuggers, which are great but take quite some effort to get set up correctly (and I don't want to buy another one for the Arduino Due). Arduino Ide for Atmel Studio is very easy to setup and provides all the functionality I need. Watch your variables while running your sketch and add breakpoints as you like. You can also just create a new sketch by simple choosing a menu option and edit it with the excellent editor of Atmel Studio. No need to configure complicated tool chain settings. Give it a try. It's excellent!


by Hans Neve on 6/5/2013 | Version: 1305.8

top notch !


by Neil McNeight on 6/4/2013 | Version: 1305.8


by Yrij Shinkarenco on 5/25/2013 | Version: 1305.8

Great job! I consider useful for both beginners and professionals. Helps to better understand and master the language of programming. The debugger is just super, facilitates development when writing their programs for the Arduino, and more.


by marius on 5/24/2013 | Version: 1305.8

The best development product that I have used ever. It really makes my life easy and my time to market with any project is very short. I don't think I will want to develop without Visual Micro again. The support on Visual Micro has been outstanding and deserves special mention.


by Dennis Hill on 5/24/2013 | Version: 1305.8

***** Excellent product and SUPER support! I used it to help develop my last project and it made it too easy (if that is possible). No more Serial.println statements sprinkled around the source trying to debug. Lightning fast re-compiles. This should be included by default in all Atmel Studio downloads!


by Garmatyuk Mihail on 5/16/2013 | Version: 1305.8

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