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Support for Windows 8.1. USB drivers for AtmelStudio and AVR Studio. Drivers from Atmel, Jungo and Segger.

  • Version 11.7
  • Downloads 8042
  • Full Price Free
  • Upgrade Price Free
  • Author Atmel
  • Supports Atmel Studio 6 | Atmel Studio 6.1
  • License

Customer Reviews


by миша кудасов on 4/1/2014 | Version: 11.9



by Michael Dietzel on 3/4/2014 | Version: 11.9

Download doesn't work with my Firefox. But it does with IE. The driver is working with Server 2012 R2.


by samul kim on 2/11/2014 | Version: 11.9

AVRISP mkii don't works


by Massimo Giannelli on 1/27/2014 | Version: 11.9

Works on "clean install" of Windows 8.1 64 bit


by Moritz Grosch on 1/21/2014 | Version: 11.9

Still Access denied - since at least 3 months! Will you ever fix it?


by ficken ficken on 12/30/2013 | Version: 11.9

Created fake account just to download a fucking driver, Still getting access denied. Dislike.


by Darren Gibbs on 12/13/2013 | Version: 11.9

11.9 worked for about 4 hours, then started getting the error "Failed to set-up tool (no context id returned)." every time I try to debug with JTAGICE3.


by Prakhar Singh on 12/13/2013 | Version: 11.9

This is really excellent. I had no problems at all configuring the 6.1 update 2 version. The only inconvenience was the big download (900MB), but in the end worth the wait.


by kz is on 12/13/2013 | Version: 11.9

Your driver for AVRISP mkII on Windows 8.1 32bit doesn't work. https://gallery.atmel.com/Products/Details/004ccabd-e18e-431a-8557-83deaea23341 Let me know when you fix it. Thank you in advance for your reply.


by marcel kkk on 12/5/2013 | Version: 11.9

dear atmel no yet driver does not work with win8.1 + avrispmk2 not even version 11.9 when will a functional?

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